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 1  Parappurathu Moideenkutty a/s Bava Haji  Chairman  no-avatar Male
 2  V. Abdurahiman  Vice Chairman  no-avatar Male
 3  K.M. Abdul Latheef  Vice Chairman  no-avatar Male
 4  V.P. Ummer  General Secretary  no-avatar Male
 5  K. Noushadi  Secretary  no-avatar Male
 6  K. Abdul Latheef  Secretary  no-avatar Male
 7  Dr. C.R. Muhammed Anwar  Treasurer  
 8  M. Muhammed  Kutti a/s Bapputty Haji  Excecutive Member  
 9  P. Aboobacker as Kunchu Haji  Excecutive Member  
 10  K. Muhammed Ashraf Haji  Excecutive Member  
 11  V.P. Saidhalavi Master  Excecutive Member  
 12  M. Muhammed a/s Kunchappu Haji  Excecutive Member  
 13  A.K. Hamza Haji  Excecutive Member  
 14  V.P. Manaf  Excecutive Member  
 15  Parayil Shareef  Excecutive Member  
 16  C. Jowhar  Excecutive Member  
 17  K. Ashik  Excecutive Member  
 18  M. Iamudheen Kutty Haji  Excecutive Member  
 19  M.P. Jaleel  Excecutive Member  
20 V.P. Saidhalavi (Secretary of Jamiyyathul muslimeen)  Manager  

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